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Short intro

My name is Ravi Bechoe, a game developer that does a bit more. I enjoy creating, whether it is software or something physical. A lot of things pique my interest which you will be discovering on this website.

My finished projects

Here you can see my officially finished and released projects. With the whole process mostly done by me from A-Z through my independant company RaafOritme. This includes things such as research, marketing, entire development, publishing and much much more!

Check out my company for more info.

Audio Infection

This is my first officially released game on which I worked as a full stack solo dev that did a lot more than just programming such as marketing, research, promotion and plenty more. The AI of both the game and the enemies are my proudest achievements in here. An AI that adjusts the game difficulty based on the player performance and epic bosses that will truly challenge even the best! Best yet is that the entire game can be played both, with and without VR, while using some of the latest technologies that Unity had to offer which is not limited to HDRP and the visual effects graph. This project was written in C#. Audio Infection is available on Steam.

Sludgy Ball

Sludgy Ball is my second game which was mainly created to test if creating mobile games was something enjoyable for me and it was not. On here I worked on development, research, marketing, promotion and more. My main achievement was to create a stable optimized game that can run stable on any device and still looks and feels good. This project was written in C#. Sludgy Ball is available on Google Play.

Working on...

The latest large scale project that I worked on was a demo product which also won a competition at school by receiving the most votes. This is Bring to Light. Below is the trailer that we made.

Most projects that I currently work on are Discord bots. These are mainly side and hobby projects that get updated over time based on user input. All of my bots have a shared database in order to ease network traffic. Users for example only need to be added once. Watch the short (outdated) trailer to get a brief breakdown about what they do.

Bring to Light

With a small team of specialized people we were given the task to create an experience that could be used for the introduction week next year. The new students will learn something from it and get a good overview about the education due to it. We created Bring to Light. An open world multiplayer game demo. It had puzzles that could only be solved by working together, a database and a discord server. The game, database and discord server worked together through a lot complex algorythms. In the project I was the project lead and core developer. I focussed on networking, database and discord bots. In the game I also programmed the basics of the puzzles and some smart particle systems. This demo is what our team managed to create in 2 months. It encourages communication, collaboration, information sharing and asking for help from others, because in this world you have to discover the rules. There is no guidance or tutorial. You learn the most by communicating. We also implemented a lot of lore and references revolving around important teachers and the culture of the school. Download and play Bring to Light.

Activity Senpai

This is the latest JavaScript bot that I am working on. This bot encourages users to be active in chat and voicechat channels. It keeps track of activity and awards points based on it. This is tied to a leaderboard which is generated based on database statistics. This is done through mysql with jQuery. It can also tracks whenever an user joins, leaves, gets banned or unbanned, this was requested for moderating purposes. For moderators and admins it can output data such as Discord snowflakes, which is basically your account UUID. This can not be changed by the user. For readability sake it also outputs the user id (nickname followed by hastag with 4 digits).

Harry Otter

This is my second JavaScript bot. The old name was Wise Otter, but has been renamed. This bot has a build in point system that awards points to users based on moderator input. This is mainly used when people attend to events at set intervals it can reset the points in order to show who had been active during for example that month. The bot can also welcome new users with custom messages that can tag channels and use fancy formats. The feature that I am most proud of is the reaction role mechanic. It can track messages and then assign roles to users that react to a message with a specific reaction. Everything is of course fully editable. In a nutshell this bot takes care of management. It can also clear messages that are up to 2 weeks old. This is to clean up spam so that moderators dont have to remove it one by one.

Mr. Funds

This is my first bot that is also written in JavaScript. This bot has some cron functionalities as well for monthly highscore tables that automatically reset as well every month. This bot keeps track of donations (which have to be added manually per user, so it can be for example in game currency from popular MMO games) and based on that it generates highscores. It has weekly, monthly and all time leaderboards. It also has gambling mechanics for fun purposes in the servers that it is. These are similar to rolling a dice an x amount of times. You can decide the amount of times as well as the amount of eyes the dice has.

Building experience

This are various projects that I worked on in order to gain experience in various fields.

Color grading

From various sources I learned to color grade over time. Color grading is a very important skill when it comes to video editing, but this skill can also be applied to games in for example post processing. You can also apply this knowledge to Photoshop. It all comes down to improving your current existing creation. In the image shown above actress Mijs has been color graded by me in order to make her pop out better while the color levels remain in belance and harmony. Watch the video related to the image here.

Virtual Reality in games

It has always been a wild dream to experience technology at such complex levels that we could actually dive into the game rather than seeing it on the screen. Then around roughly 2014 Oculus appeared with their devkits and ambitious project. After having played with devkit 1 and 2 I knew that I had to create a game with it. This game eventually became Audio Infection a couple of years later. Not only did I manage to implement Oculus support, but also HTC Vive support. I absolutely love the immersion that Virtual Reality brings. When a new technology for better immersion appears you can bet that I will be one of the first to know about it! In here I talk more about Virtual Reality in Audio Infection.


Color grading is a skill that I learned over time and improved over time as well. Unity rolled out an update containing a new render pipeline; the high definition render pipeline. It is definitely a mouthful, but it is a glorious one. In this update all the standard shaders have been improved significantly. The bloom effects put Unity quite close to Unreal especially with the new light calculations in the shaders. Not only that, but on top of it we get some post processing effects as well as a visual effects graph! Not every project will need this, but it is something that will definitely improve the overall visual look of your project if you use standard shaders. It also has some cons, such as making it nearly impossible to implement complex custom shaders. In this video I talk a bit more about HDRP in Audio Infection.

VFX Graph

Adding HDRP to your project opens up plenty of new oppertunities such as playing with the visual effects graph. I love particles! They are fantastic, they give a game that extra bit of quality that I love to see. I spend plenty of time refining my knowledge about the Shuriken particle system from Unity over the years. I even have a video about it in the nostalgia corner from back in 2014! Throughout the years I did realize that the system was quite inefficient... especially from a developer point of view, where optimization is key. VFX Graph completely turned the tables around. It honestly blew my mind with how magnificent it is compared to Shuriken. Not only is it similar to Shadergraph, it also uses the graphics card instead of the processor for the particles. This means that you can simulate millions of particles on your screen without having lagg... well as long as you have a graphics card in your system. In here I talk a bit more about VFX Graph in Audio Infection.

Video Editing

Video editing is something that I started to get into at a very young age. Probably around my 12th if not earlier. I remember messing around in Windows Movie Maker in order to make some old videos. Hypercam is one of the most nostalgic software for me. Either way, you can only do so much with the combination of Hypercam and WMM, so I moved on to Magix Deluxe. Quite a jump if I say so myself, but it gave me a solid foundation for roughly 4 years. After that I noticed that once again it held my creativity back. I could not do fancy things... so I had to look further! I discovered After Effects as one of the first industry standard editing software and I still use it. After Effects has so many advanced possibilities which even include programming! Since 2018 I also started to get more into Adobe Premiere Pro, because, honestly it makes certain things a lot easier and faster than in AE. This includes syncing, color grading and just making the overall composition. These days I only use AE for effects. Here I talk a bit about my video editing knowledge so far.

Building experience

This is a collection of some of the games that I worked on that I am willing to show. Each and every single one of them are prototypes, but they gave me some experience. Some games are also from gamejams.

Loli the awakening (remastered)

For a 3 hour game jam we managed to create this. A despicable game inspired by Slenderman and some other sources... Download and play the game.

Endless Hunt

For an assignment I had to create a roguelike game. This had to contain the basic logic of a dungeon generator. I took this project a step further. We also had to polish our product so I made sure to use a wide variation of asset packs to create a fantasy look and feel. Personally I also wanted to create an insanely good level loader. So I created a system that allowed levels to be generated based on your hardware for optimal performance without your machine freezing or lagging! Download and play Endless Hunt.

Evolving Pits

For a school assignment we were given 56 hours in order to create game that had to contain at least 3 different mechanics. I decided to create an arena shooter. In this arena shooter I added a level generator that generates an unique level after every x amount of waves. It also has a highscore system and plenty more! Everything in this game has been made by me except for the textures and sound effects. Download and play Evolving Pits.


Hypnagogic is a game jam game that we created in 48 hours. I worked here as the main dev. I programmed the level where you have to climb and did some overall bug fixing in the other levels. I also programmed a lot of the other mechanics. The gamejam itself was hosted and created by me with the help of some others. This included forming a crew for the organization and plenty more. Download and play Hypnagogic.

Last of the Inhabitants

Last of the Inhabitants is a game that we created in 3 days. It was for a gamejam project and we challenged ourselves to see what we could achieve in such a short amount of time. In those 3 days we had to pitch our concept, prototype it after receiving a go and of course finish it. After that we decided to make a short video to showcase what we achieved. This is the trailer of Last of the Inhabitants.

Terror City

Terror city is a simplistic gamejam project that we worked on at school, but I personally challenged my self in terms of performance on large scale. I decided to make a city generator that creates an unique city consisting of 10k+ buildings. With occlusion culling I was able to keep performance at an acceptable rate while still delivering a solid product (within the given time). This is the trailer of Terror City.

Lost in Space

Lost In Space is a game where bear Dave Bowman is lost in space! This was a project at school where we were assigned to small groups to take on individual tasks. The concept was given to us, we had to decide on the execution of it. With this we came up with a handful of minigames and some extra teasers. With this project I started studying the basics of shaders, since the basic shaders of Unity couldn't deliver what we were looking for. This is the trailer of Lost in Space.

Level Editor

This was a game I worked on where we wanted to create a product where people could design their own levels to play in. This brought a lot new learning experiences for me in terms of data saving. The final product itself is pretty fun. I loved working on this game. This is the trailer of the level editor.

Bug Mayhem

Bug Mayhem is a simple tower defence based strategy game. Here you are a baby that is playing in the garden, but an aggressive ant nest has been breached. The insects are trying to take over the picnic from your parents. Use your toys to get rid of the pesky insects. Working with an enclosed environment where objects could be placed freely proved to be quite difficult, due to this I was able to learn a lot and to improve my coding skills. It was fun to see what the final product became and of course I couldn't end it there. A fitting trailer was made for it as well. This is the trailer of Bug Mayhem.

Haunted Yard

Haunted Yard is a game based on pacman. The enemies behave similar as the ghosts in pacman, this with the maze and collectables give you a nice thrilling experience. With our own twist we gave the maze some small power-ups for the player and some horror elements. The player has to gather loads of lost souls while avoiding the reapers. Once all souls have been collected the player will win. The AI for the ghosts worked pretty amazing all together. One always tried to avoid the player. Another one always decided to stalk the player while a third one tried to trap the player. The fourth one was just going on a random stroll. The combination of the 4 can be quite dangerous but fun. We had great responses from playtesters. This is the trailer of Haunted Yard.

Snake 3D Entity Component System

This is by far one of the simplest games I worked one, but definitely one of the greatest learning experiences. I wanted to learn here about entity component systems. There is no better way for me than making a game based on what I want to learn. So snake it was. The concept was simply so that gave me more time and freedom on learning to properly intergrate object orientated programming while making full use of a self made entity component system. Since I am used to working with Unity this felt pretty familiar and wasn't too difficult to learn.
Download the game here.
Download the project here.

Celtic knot

I love puzzles, I always have! Games where you have to think usually grab my attention such as sudoku, chess etc. But an even more interesting game is definitely the ancient celtic knot where you have to slide slots in order to unlock all locks. It might sound like a patience game and it is if you are new to it, but it has various methods of quickly solving ANY celtic knot. Programming one however proved to be an even more challenging thing, which I absolutely loved. The final product was flawless in terms of execution.
Download the game here.
Download the project here.

Nostalgia projects

These are some projects I have some emotional value attached to.

Audio Infection (the road so far)

This is a compilation of the progression we have made since the first line of code up until today with the preparations for the final update. It has been a long journey, but a truly amazing one. Do note that this compilation only contains the PC version of the game. Shooting everything in VR would take way too long and VR was implemented around prototype 5. This is a 10 minute compilation of my progress from 2 years ish.

Shaders CG (2014)

In the past I wanted to learn about shaders so I had written some in CG. I was interested into learning more about writing shaders, however it did not have my main interests. So I did not continue on the path of shader writing, instead I learned that I enjoy creating AI a lot more. In this old video I highlight some of the shaders that I had written.

Legacy Particle System (2014)

Light effects and particles are in my opinion the products that finishes the looks of a game. In this video I will be showing you some small samples of particles made in the legacy system.

LOD+Tesselation (2014)

LOD can save lots and lots of memory usage, while tesselation improves the graphics. The combination of both can be really powerful and it can show some neat work that doesn't suck up to much memory. In this small project I used Occlusion Culling aswell, which saves memory aswell. This is an old video where I demonstrate the technologies that were new at the time.

Who am I?

I received my game developer's degree back in 2016. During my study and after it I noticed that I am not only passionate about playing games but also creating them. So with that in mind I established RaafOritme in winter 2016. At that time I also took on a full time job as a full-stack php developer. This was a great learning experience for me in various fields ranging from customer support to coding standards and databases.

This aside I also love filming stuff, whether it is online or outside. Editing those videos is what drives the joy of filming things. With that being said you have probably noticed plenty of trailers throughout the games I've worked on. All those trailers were made by me. With this you can also see my growth in video editing. Not that it is neccessary, but it certainly is something that I love to do.

Over the years I've grown extremely fond of pc gaming and technology. This made me really interested in Virtual Reality, with that in mind I wanted to create a game that fully supported it. Not just as a learning curve but also to share with the world. Right now I am not limited by studies so I can give it my all. This resulted in Audio Infection. My first game on Steam.

Other than that I love traveling. I try to visit a new country every year, but of course this isn't always working out due to lack of time. When traveling I always try to pick a country or a city in it that has loads of nature, maybe even a village if a city is too much. Being raised in Netherlands made me quite used to cities and crowds, due to this I love to travel in order to experience the opposite.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, this also includes if you would like to know more about me. I personally think that having a conversation is the best way to get to know someone rather than reading a bunch of text.

Click here to view my resume.

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