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Audio Infection is the first official game I worked on and the first title released by RaafOritme, my company. There is a free demo available on Steam and it can also be purchased through there. 

Audio Infection is all about music and guns. While listening to your favorite tune you can blast enemies to oblivion with some epic guns that Audio Infection has to offer. 

This game fully supports VR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It is also completely playable without VR.

It is simply asthounishing to see how a concept almost a year ago is now available on the market for everyone to play. This entire process was quite an ordeal for the first time, but a great learning experience. Being new to Steamworks can be quite overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, it is simply an amazing platform. 

In this project I was the only developer. I worked on various things besides development such as shaders, particles, sfx, vfx, video footages and a whole whopping lot more. Most time went into development since this game makes use an algorithm I wrote that analyzes the user performance in the game as well as the intensity of the music. The combination of the two decides how difficult the next wave of enemies is going to be and of course the environment gets affected as well since we have quite a dynamic environment.

Try the free demo or buy the full version at Steam.
We also have a Facebook page which you can follow if you'd like to see updates and such.


Ravi Bechoe Game Developer | rbechoe@outlook.com