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Here you'll be able to find some open source projects that I've made. These projects contain the original project files with the raw codes.


Snake3D ECS

This is by far one of the simplest games I worked one, but definitely one of the greatest learning experiences. I wanted to learn here about entity component systems. There is no better way for me than making a game based on what I want to learn. So snake it was. The concept was simply so that gave me more time and freedom on learning to properly intergrate object orientated programming while making full use of a self made entity component system. Since I am used to working with Unity this felt pretty familiar and wasn't too difficult to learn. You can download the game and the project files:
Snake3D game.
Snake3D Project Files.


Celtic knot

I love puzzles, I always have! Games where you have to think usually grab my attention such as sudoku, chess etc. But an even more interesting game is definitely the ancient celtic knot where you have to slide slots in order to unlock all locks. It might sound like a patience game and it is if you are new to it, but it has various methods of quickly solving ANY celtic knot. Programming one however proved to be an even more challenging thing, which I absolutely loved. The final product was flawless in terms of execution.
Celtic Knot Game.
Celtic Knot Project Files.


Ravi Bechoe Game Developer | rbechoe@outlook.com