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Sludgy Ball is the first official mobile game I am working on. It is a fast paced arcade game where skill becomes key. The ball has to escape the core of the earth due to global warming and climbs its way out. On its way there will be various combinations of traps trying to destroy the ball.

This game is available on Playstore for free. There aren't plans yet to release it for Apple, this might change in time though. It supports any android device after the year 2012 running on android 4.2 or newer.

In this project I work as a solo developer as main task. I also do the sfx, vfx (particles etc), lightning, optimization (and performance checks) and more. Some minor networking and database setup + management are also included in the development work. 

You can install and play the game for free from the Playstore.
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Ravi Bechoe Game Developer | rbechoe@outlook.com