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Well hello there!

Glad to see that you are interested in me. I received my game developer's degree back in 2016. During my study and after it I noticed that I am not only passionate about playing games but also creating them. So with that in mind I established RaafOritme in winter 2016. At that time I also took on a full time job as a full-stack php developer. This was a great learning experience for me in various fields ranging from customer support to coding standards and databases.

This aside I also love filming stuff, whether it is online or outside. Editing those videos is what drives the joy of filming things. With that being said you have probably noticed plenty of trailers throughout the games I've worked on. All those trailers were made by me. With this you can also see my growth in video editing. Not that it is neccessary, but it certainly is something that I love to do.

Over the years I've grown extremely fond of pc gaming and technology. This made me really interested in Virtual Reality, with that in mind I wanted to create a game that fully supported it. Not just as a learning curve but also to share with the world. Right now I am not limited by studies so I can give it my all. This resulted in Audio Infection. My first game on Steam. 

Other than that I love traveling. I try to visit a new country every year, but of course this isn't always working out due to lack of time. When traveling I always try to pick a country or a city in it that has loads of nature, maybe even a village if a city is too much. Being raised in Netherlands made me quite used to cities and crowds, due to this I love to travel in order to experience the opposite. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, this also includes if you would like to know more about me. I personally think that having a conversation is the best way to get to know someone rather than reading a bunch of text. 

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Ravi Bechoe Game Developer | rbechoe@outlook.com